Ornamental Aluminum Fence & Ornamental Steel Fence

The wrought iron ornamental fence has long been associated with quality and craftsmanship. Today, these same traditional decorative fence designs can be installed economically using aluminum ornamental fence or steel ornamental fence.

 At Ornamental Fence Solutions, we offer the four traditional designs in both products.The aluminum ornamental fence and the steel ornamental fence are available in residential and commercial weights. The residential lines generally have 5/8″ square pickets, 1×1″ rails, and 2×2″ square post. The commercial line generally has 3/4″ pickets, 1-1/4″x 1-1/2″ rails, and 2-1/2″ square post. Gates are built to match the fence design or may be arched to add a design element. Our clients sometimes choose to customize their fence by adding  finials, ball caps, scroll work or other ornate adornments.

 Both the aluminum fence and steel fence products are manufactured to conform to the changing elevations of the Carolina landscape. **Special requirements may be required for the metal fence meet the needs of small dogs, pool codes, and retaining walls. Call us today to discuss any special needs that may exist on your project.

  Johnny T-
We had a great experience with your firm. From the original appointment, to the final gate adjustment, your  staff was on time, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. We are very pleased with the fence and will highly recommend you to our neighbors.

Cheryl S- We bought a new dog and needed a new fence. Our HOA required the Aluminum style. Being that the puppy was small, we knew she would slip right past the pickets on a standard fence, but we hated the look of the double picket style. Brad came up with a great option of the 2-3/4″ spacing product. It kept our small dog in, gave us the look we were looking for. The best part is it was less money than the double picket fence. Who would have thought we could get a custom fence for less? It’s great to work with a company who wants to find the right solution instead of just selling you something.

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