Estate Gates and Automated Gate Systems

Ornamental Fence Solutions has many options for your custom driveway gate. From the time tested standards, to the limits of your imagination, we can create the exceptional entrance your home demands. Bring us a drawing or we’ll work with you to create a custom gate that fits your design criteria. We create unique metal gate designs in aluminum and steel.

 No Estate Gate would be complete without being automated. The gate operator industry has vast array of brands, functionality, and of course….quality. Choosing the right solution for your access control needs can be difficult. Whether your gate opener need is for a single family home, gated community, or a multifamily complex, our consultants can guide you to the best solution for your need. Call us today to speak with a consultant.

Tom K.- We were looking for a new gate and operator for home. After a few questions and measurements, Brad worked up a drawing. After a few tweaks, we had the design we were  looking for. From the stone work, to the electrical work, the staff was fantastic. We highly recommend OFS.

Wayne M- We had a custom wood gate that we loved. Over the years it had rotted to the point that it could not be used. We wanted to replace it and also add a gate operator. From talking with others I understood putting an operator on a wood gate was not a good idea. OFS designed a solution that allowed us to keep the look of the wood gate and have the convenience of the automated gate closure. The gate supports were made of Aluminum and wrapped with Cedar. The best of both worlds. More of a craftsman than a fenceman, Allen was awesome. We are very pleased with the gate. It by far exceeded our expectations!

Gate openers can be set to swing in or out depending on the site conditions. While most of our gates are over level openings, we can design them to conform to grade changes as well.

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